All About Preserved Flowers

“What are preserved flowers? Are they fake flowers?”
“How long can they last?”
“How do I care for them?”



Preserved flowers are 100% real flowers. Yes, you read it right, they are fresh flowers cut at the peak of their bloom and later chemically processed to preserve its beauty. This includes dehydration, bleaching, rehydration, and dyeing. The end result is a flower that looks and feels very much like the real version, except that they do not wither after a few days (you get the best of both worlds!).

How long can one expect these flowers to last? Anywhere from 1 year to 3 years, depending on the environment it is placed in. In a bouquet/vase/box/basket design, a humid environment may shorten the lifespan vs in a glass cloche which reduces the effects of humidity.

Compared to fresh cut flowers, preserved flowers require almost no maintenance at all but there are still some care tips to observe:
Keep your flowers in a dry, shady and well ventilated area, away from sunlight
Do not add water and do not press the petals
If needed, use a hairdryer at cool setting and the lowest speed to blow off dust that has settled


Preserved flowers are the best and most practical choice for those who love flowers but hate seeing them wilt. Shop our #flowersthatlast designs here.

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