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Addressing your curious questions and all things related to flowers, weddings, and logistics here. Flowers Why are flowers so expensive? Living in tropical sunny Singapore, the fresh flowers that we get are mostly imported from all around the world from nearby regions like Malaysia, Taiwan, to places further away like China, India, Kenya, New Zealand, Holland etc. From the farm growers, cold chain logistics, and freight forwarding by air, this translates to substantial costs incurred. Floristry is also labour intensive- from conditioning, to set ups and logistics etc. Each design is unique and one-of-a-kind, carefully crafted by hand and not mass produced by any machines. Expected price surge during hot dates eg Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, CNY, christmas Which fresh...

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Fresh Flowers, Always

“Can I leave the flowers in the gift wrapped form?” “How should I care for fresh flowers?” “How do I dry my bouquet?” “When is the best time to take them out of water to dry?”

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