Frequently Asked Questions

Addressing your curious questions and all things related to flowers, weddings, and logistics here.


  • Why are flowers so expensive?
    • Living in tropical sunny Singapore, the fresh flowers that we get are mostly imported from all around the world from nearby regions like Malaysia, Taiwan, to places further away like China, India, Kenya, New Zealand, Holland etc. From the farm growers, cold chain logistics, and freight forwarding by air, this translates to substantial costs incurred.
    • Floristry is also labour intensive- from conditioning, to set ups and logistics etc.
    • Each design is unique and one-of-a-kind, carefully crafted by hand and not mass produced by any machines.
    • Expected price surge during hot dates eg Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, CNY, christmas
  • Which fresh flowers are more long lasting?
    • Lilies, carnations, orchids, alstroemerias, chrysanthemum, eustomas, limonium 
    • Seasonal flowers eg peonies, rananculus tend to have a very short lifespan.
  • How long do fresh flowers last?
    • 3-5 days depending on how fast they bloom/wilt and the environment. Different flowers bloom & wilt at different rates.
    • For fresh flower care tips, head over here.
  • What are the differences between fresh and preserved flowers?
    • Shelf life (3-5 days vs 6 mths-1 year respectively)
    • Flower colours and variety (fewer varieties available with preserved flowers)
  • Which are fresh and which are preserved? They both look so similar!
    • Fresh flowers catalogue here.
    • Preserved/dried flowers catalogue here.



    Photo credits to @knottiesframe
    • What packages do you have?
      • The most basic package we have is for bespoke bridal bouquet, groom’s boutonnière and loose flowers for hair over here for fresh flowers and over here for preserved flowers.
      • Bespoke wedding package with car decoration and boutonnières here.
    • Do you have sample pictures of bridal bouquet, boutonnière, car decoration etc?
      • Most of our work are uploaded on our Instagram page @happyfloralssg or you may refer to this link for wedding florals related information.
    • Can I have a look at your rate card?
      • Please email us with your wedding date and flower brief to check for availability and we’ll be happy to take the discussion from there!
    • What is the process like?
      • Check on date availability > Discussion on flower needs, colour theme, delivery and set up arrangements > Draft proposal of discussion with suggested flowers > Full payment (non refundable) is required for confirmation & booking of our time/services


    Photo credits to @knottiesframe
    • How long in advance do I need to place my order?
      • For regular gift bouquets, at least 3 days in advance would be best. For urgent orders, please call Joan at 94355775
      • For wedding flowers, we are open for booking 1 year in advance. Please get in touch with us for a discussion.
    • Where are you located at for self collection?
      • Joo Chiat area, 70 Carpmael Road s429805
      • Self collection is strictly by appointment only.
    • How much is delivery?
      • $20 for courier delivery by our trusted couriers. Unlike clothes, stationary, toys or other parcels, flowers need to be handled carefully and delivered within a certain time frame. This fee goes directly to our courier and is separated from the cost of your flower design for more flexibility. You may also arrange for your own delivery (car only) and let us know the details.
    • Do you deliver to hospitals? 
      • Due to tight restrictions in hospitals, this service is currently suspended till further notice. 
    • Can I change my order details (message, delivery address)?
      • Please let us know of any changes or special requests at least 24 hours in advance

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